Zero City MOD APK (High Damage/One Hit Kill) for Android

Zero City MOD APK (High Damage/One Hit Kill) for Android
Name Zero City:last bunker on earth Zero City:last bunker on earth is the most famous version in the Zero City:last bunker on earth series of publisher My com B V
Publisher My com B V
Genre Games
Size 104mb
Version 1.30.3
Total installs 10,000,000
Update March 3, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money/High Damage
Android Android Games
4.3 ( 365 ratings )
Price: $0
• Mod Menu
• Damage and Defense Multiplier

• Unlimited Money
• High Damage/One Hit Kill

Download the latest version of Zero City MOD APK for Android. Zero City MOD is the abbreviation of the game Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival from the developer BEINGAME LIMITED. Zero City is a simulation game inspired by zombie movies or TV series like The Walking Dead. As a result, it received an impressive 4.7-star rating and was in the top 10 on Google Play in July 2019.

Obviously, this game manages to capture the player’s interest during the presentation of the story-driven campaign. Furthermore, it also offers single player and multiplayer modes, allowing players to play individually or as a team whenever they want. So let’s see what the game is about and why it can attract so many people.

Zero City MOD Game Story

Zero City MOD Game begins with an experimental laboratory spreading a virus created to bioengineering around the world. This experimental virus turns the population into zombies before evolving into another and infecting more and more people. Zombies are very diverse. For example, many are just walking corpses, while others have superhuman intelligence and strength. Notably, there will be a special zombie that can control the rest as the leader.

This leader – known as the Master, is a cunning warrior and leads his army of zombies in search of human shelter. Unfortunately, the leader of the Shelter died earlier in an onslaught of zombies and plunged many survivors into turmoil. These remaining survivors are confused and scared, so they choose the player as their new leader. The player must now consider a defensive strategy against each oncoming zombie attack. This is where you start your Zero City MOD Game.

Zero City MOD Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, it’s as simple as other simulation games like Last Shelter: Survival. Basically, you buy stuff, organize a team, and plan your preparations against the zombie horde. After that, the fight will take place in an idle environment. Players will collide and fight the enemy to the end in Game Zero City MOD. During the game, if the player has difficulty, they can use help. For example, you can call in an air raid or heal your units.

Shelter plays an important role in the Zero City MOD Android as it is the main source of role-playing. In other words, you also have to work with your advisors, lieutenants, medics or other troops when you need to solve different tasks and these characters will help you do that. However, the game improves on the difficulty level of the game by requiring you to come out of the bunker and get rid of the zombies to retake the city.

Alternatively, you can send a part of your team to assemble quests or make a remarkable rescue. In general, you will shop for specific things and worry about stocking up on enough food and belongings. In addition to managing the hideout, you can also complete the storyline that spans many towns whose populations all become zombies.

Features of Zero City MOD APK for Android

The ultimate bunker, base and shelter in the zombie game: control the citizens, fight and survive!

Ensure the survival of your citizens or face your last days. Zombies have enslaved the Earth – your mission is to survive the apocalypse!

Zero City is one of the world’s top sandbox and zombie survival simulation games with the ability to manage your base and bunker.

Command your citizens

Command your citizens and manage one of the last shelters of the new world in the simulation game! Circle of survivors and lead them, train people and assign tasks, there is always a job for everyone to make a base! Build and fortify your clan, the ultimate bunker and shelter and turn them into an impregnable base!

It’s time to defend your city, your base and the whole world from zombies! In this survival simulation, warriors have to be alert and their weapons must be ready in Zero City MOD APK. The items and supplies found in the ultimate bunker and shelter will be very useful in battles against the zombies until dawn!

Manage shelters and build bases in this zombie survival simulator.

Build and upgrade rooms to create an impregnable shelter, town, and base. Prepare your last base and shelter for survival on Earth every day after sunset! Build a variety of defensive structures, decide which defense combination will be most effective! The aim of this survival simulator game is to protect your citizens, city, and state!

Citizens development simulation.

In these dark times, every survivor counts, and everyone will have something to do to protect your base from hordes of zombies until dawn! Teach the bunker inhabitants new skills, upgrade, and let them show you what they have learned in practice! It`s your last chance of survival on Earth, so be prepared every day after sunset!

Zombie attacks are at large!

Choice of equipment. Create effective weapons and equipment, arm and dress your squad every day for the last fight on Earth with zombies until dawn!

Zombie Multiplayer, PVP and sandbox

We are not the only survivors, but only the strongest survive the apocalypse, right? Manage a mighty, invincible squad to dominate your enemies in arena`s tournament or attacks on other shelters and the base. Show the others in this city of zombies who’s running the show in the open global confrontation of the state! Be the master of fighting in this survival zombie simulator and sandbox game!

Story Driven campaign & RPG Zombie Survival Simulator Game and Sandbox.

Lead your team through all the trials of the new world and survive using all available arsenals! Have hundreds of battles with hordes of mutant fanatics against your brave warriors. Every day after sunset could be Earth’s last chance! Fight your city and world state against zombies until dawn!

Zero City MOD Graphic

You will find that Zero City is not the prettiest game. The physics and movement of the game are quite weak, while the characters are also not well simulated. Although the game’s visuals are not pleasing to the eye, it is by no means the worst and it can reduce the amount of memory required on your mobile phone.

During the gameplay, you will see the entire bunker on the main screen and luckily it looks very detailed. Especially when your population is growing, you have to look at anything. So you can switch the game to HD quality if you want by going into settings and tapping turn on HD mode. Everything will be sharper and more detailed after restarting the game.

How to download and install Zero City MOD APK on Android

Similar to other apk files, installing this game is very simple. You can follow the next steps.

  • Step 1: You download the file Zero City MOD APK Android or to your computer.
  • Step 2: After successful download, open the file. Step 3: When it opens, it means you are installing the file on your device
  • Step 4: You just need to follow the instructions inside, then you can start playing the game.

Final Verdict About Zero City MOD:

All in all, Zero City MOD APK GAME is a great choice if you like the simulation game genre. It immerses you in the fun atmosphere and continuous gameplay. While it may not seem like the prettiest of the bunch, it is easy to play and offers a varied rewarding experience.

Whats New

- A NEW type of event is already in the game! Eastern Strategy awaits you with a huge variety of unique rewards.
- Added improvements to the Bunker.
- Added improvements to the appearance of the Officer.
- Fixed some bugs.

4.3 🧑 308,214 total
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